Saturday, April 3, 2010

I love you most of all, my favorite vege-table!

I made it! I successfully packed up my life in DC, moved down to North Carolina, and have unpacked my new farm life here. I can't even describe how excited and happy I am to be on this farm. It's beautiful. Seriously.

Since it's the weekend and I just got here yesterday, I haven't done any farm work yet. I think I might celebrate Easter tomorrow by getting my hands dirty for a while though.

I took a walk around the fields today to see if I could pick out any of the crops that were growing. I basically failed - as I could only name the collards, kale, and onions/garlic (though I couldn't tell which was which). I told Deb (who runs the farm with her husband, Harry) about my failure and she assured me that I would get to know all the crops very intimately.

One of the best parts about being on this farm besides living some place beautiful with bees and birds and deer and dogs and cats is... free vege-tables! Tonight, I cooked up some collards and sweet potatoes that were grown about 100 meters from where I'm sitting right now. Hell yes.

What's your favorite vege-table?! Yes, I realize I'm going to use up all of my farm-related music knowledge within the first five posts of this blog. It'll be worth it though. Anyway, enjoy!


  1. ice cream isn't a vegetable, silly! fine - i'll answer my own question. ASPARAGUS.

  2. ice cream IS a vegetable and anyone who says it is not hates america. and ice cream.