Thursday, June 2, 2011

oh. hi!

Well, I officially failed at blogging about my farm summer last year. It was hot. It was full of magical produce. It was full of inside jokes with my fellow interns. Overall, it was great.

After a few stints on the Arctic Sunrise, hanging another banner, going through a yoga teacher training, and working in a couple of restaurants, I've somehow landed on another farm. The farming community in this town is so damn appealing. I can't deny it.

Chance/luck/fate/whathaveyou led me to meeting a lovely woman at a fine Carrboro establishment one night, who then put my in touch with her multi-talented roommate who happened to be leaving her job as garden manager. A few emails and volunteer work days later, it looked like I would be taking over for her at Spence's Farm as the new garden manager.

In addition to taking care of about 3/4 acre of crops and teaching kids all about it, I also have to help out with the chickens, goats, and rabbits. I've never dealt with farm animals before, so this is all new to me. I now have a decent understanding of how to feed and water all of the animals, as well as collect the hen's eggs. Last week, I learned how to trim the goat's hooves, which is slightly terrifying. Fortunately, I am being well-trained to do all of these things and don't have to learn from youtube videos like the manager before me. In case you were wondering though, this is how you trim goat hooves: